There are two ways of being creative.

One can sing and dance.

Or one can create an environment

in which singers and dancers flourish.

Warren G. Bennis

What I Believe.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is

the mysterious. It is the source of all true

art and science.”
Albert  Einstein


The dance is a doorway to spirit within

to dance oneself into a state of trance

is to connect completely

to the healing powers of spirit

When thought and experience happen

simultaneously, consciousness transforms.

Dance is the perfect catalyst.

Will you share in our creation of a Kaleidoscope Dance? The dancers are not paid for their dance

but for their visionary expression of it.

Our project is focused on creating a visual documentary

video series of Kaleidoscopic Dances with a goal

of producing traditional and tribal dances

from every countries  ethnicity represented as

a gift from theses dancers in a unified mind,

body and spirit. 

Be a Sponsor of the Dance - $1000.00

Inside every human being there are

treasures to unlock.

When one touches a single truth in Nature,

one finds the connection to all of the Universe.

exit-into more of the dance